Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to catch POKE'MON!

Once you see a poke'mon you like,battle it. For example,you see a Tepig and you like it,battle it with a water type because fire's weakness is water. If you win,throw a poke'ball at it. let it load for a bit.If it glows,you get it.If it goes back out,try again.

Journey to the POKE'MON school!

 [Listen to the talking map.] First,go through the hunted cave. After that,go half way in the forest.Turn right. Walk half way. 1 more mile and you're there.

Last lesson about DRAGONS,class!

All dragons are meat-eaters,but some like to eat healthy like the golden fire dragon. Others eat there favorite food,meat.

Friday, January 27, 2012

3rd lesson about DRAGONS

Dragons are be able to breath fire because of something called WHITE PHOSPHORUS.It allows dragons to breath fire.One blast of that fire, you're dead.

Next lesson about DRAGONS!

Dragon eggs are put near the holes of volcanoes.They can also be different colors like red and yellow.That egg is the Triple-Horned Night Dragon.This dragon is fast and furious.

Learn about DRAGONS with HAYDEN!

Only the very oldest dragons have a crystal ball called a PEARL to see the future. I know this because I have a book called DRAGON WORLD. It tells me all about dragons.